Crafty Baby Shower

I had been planning a "baby shower" in honor of three of my friends and myself who are all due about the same time. The plan was to get all of our friends together and craft the night away for the cute babies that are coming. There has been a complication and the plans are put on hold, but I wanted to show you all the fun tutorials I have put together in preparation for this event. I had planned on printing some of these and displaying them in frames for the party.

I was lucky enough to find some already nicely put together:

"How to Line an Alligator Clip" from

 Baby Bows from

Burnt Edge Flower from


Circle Template from

Felt Fringe Flower from

And a similar Fringe Felt Flower from 

Rolled Flower by

Folded Flower by

Peony Template for Felt from

Folded Flower From

Fork Bow from

Spiral Felt Flower from

The tutorials that follow are ones that I put together, but still used other bloggers pics and some of their words.

Hairbow Tutorial from

 Burnt Edge Layered Flower 
Source Unknown

 Ruffle Flower from

Petaled Felt Flower from

Attaching a Flower to a Headband from

Created by Me

I search google for applique ideas, clip art and silhouettes and put together some printables that can be traces, things like elephants, flowers, owls, etc.

 These onesies were  found through google and

I hope you find these useful! Let me know if you do a similar craft night and how it went!

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