Oh Sew Easy Flower Tutorial

This is my newest way to make a fabric flower, and it's super easy!

Cut a strip of satin, or other "melt-able" fabric, about 1"-2" by 20"-30" (or wider and longer)
The bigger the width and length, the fluffier and bigger the flower.

Burn both edges of the strip with a candle or lighter.

To make gathering "Oh Sew Easy", set your stitch length to about 5 stitched per inch and adjust the tension really high. (Play with it by sewing on a scrap until you get it right.)

Fold the fabric in half with the shiny side out and sew right along the folded edge. Back stitch both at the start and the end. The stitch will gather it for you as you sew!

Once you have sewn the whole length it should be all curly,
all you have to do is twist, straighten and tighten it.

Make sure the front is looking good as you go along too.

Cut a small circle out of felt, or the same fabric with burnt edges to prevent fraying.
Put plenty of hot glue onto the bottom of the flower,
tuck the end piece in and press it onto the circle.

Ta Da! It's that easy.
Now all you have to do is use them, for a clip, headband,
or any other creative concoction you can muster.


tomiannie said...

Cute stuff!

Kathrin said...

Beautiful! Thank you!

Jensters said...

Gonna give these ago after xmas...thank you.

TARA-EmBenDesigns said...

Clever! I made some.

Györgyi Varga said...

Lovely tutorial. My girls will love that type of flower! Thanks for sharing!Györgyi