Baby Leg Warmers

When I first heard of leg warmers for babies I thought it was just a silly, stylish fad, but when I was dressing my little girl for church on Sunday I was frustrated at all the layers!
Ruffle pants, tights and a onesie, all would have to be taken off/undone, just to change her diaper. Then I understood: warm legs, but one less layer to worry about.

I used Sew Much Ado's Tutorial to make her some leggings. I used girl sized socks instead of woman sized because her legs are so skinny. I found them at Target for $4.99 for two pairs. The leg warmers they were selling there were $9.99 each! It only took me 5 minutes to make them. I think I'll make some for my 5 year old too.
Thank you Sew Much Ado!

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