What to do with all those art projects?

Audrey keeps bringing home page after page of special art projects she has made at school. I don't have room for them on the fridge, so I came up with this solution:

Magnetic Strips!

It was very simple, first I found 1 1/2" by 24" metal strips at Lowe's (they come in all sizes). They are actually called straps and are in the hardware section.

I cut fabric strips twice the width of the straps, in this case 3". Then I Mod Podged the fabric to the straps and put a layer on top and bottom.

Then I made magnets using large glass pebbles, Amazing Goop glue (or E6000), scrapbook paper and small round magnets.

The holes in the straps made it possible to just use thumb tacks to hang them on the wall.
Audrey loves having a place to display her art work and it is out of my way! =)

Things I might have done differently:
Pick a cuter fabric
Glue an extra layer of white card stock to the back of the scrapbook paper circles, so the magnets don't show through to the front. I guess the glue makes the thinner paper a little see through.
Someday I might add a 4th of 5th below. The strips are already full! =)

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Ally said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!