Ice Pop Cozy Tutorial

My kids always need to have something on their ice pop to keep their hands from freezing. Usually they drag around a dish rag, but not anymore. I came up with this idea a while back, but only this morning came up with how to make cozies like this. Quick and easy, enjoy!

You will need:
a fabric scrap about 5" by 10"
batting, felt, terry cloth, any layer to help with the cold 5" by 5"
something to help turn the "tube" - ruler, pencil, long scissors
and of course the basics: sewing machine, thread, scissors

Cut the fabric and batting to specified sizes.

Place the batting on the wrong side of the fabric, lined up with the bottom edge.
Fold lengthwise and sew down the length of the fabric,
including the batting and across the top making a long tube.

Flip the whole tube so the right side of the fabric is showing.
Now push the top end down into the center of the tube, but only half wa, making sure you go between the batting tube also. The top seam will line up with the bottom opening.

You should end up with something like this.
You will need to fidget and straighten out the layers of fabric.
Line up the top end that was pushed through with the open end and sew across.
Snip the corners and flip one more time so the end seam is on the inside.

Ta-Da! No more frozen fingers!
Now come on warm weather!

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